Welcome to Universidad Regiomontana and welcome to Monterrey, Mexico! It will be a pleasure having you in our university. We hope that this stay will bring you the full enrichment you were hoping to receive, by offering you the opportunity to learn from the experience acquired from Mexican living, of learning the Mexican culture and Spanish language, as well as forming an ample net of contacts and friends.


Monterrey is a beautiful modern city which is Mexico’s leading industrial center; Monterrey is also a beautiful mountainous city offering several tourist attractions. It is located in the State of Nuevo León at the extreme Northeast of Mexico and shares a border with the United States of America and Texas.

Nuevo Leon has a population of approximately 4 million, of which 85% live in the Monterrey Metropolitan Area.

Our cosmopolitan city combines colonial architecture with modern buildings, creating daring and unusual contrasts which also boasts a variety of interesting museums, that bear witness to four centuries of history. As well Monterrey has major shopping centers and offers a variety of leisure activities in its beautiful surroundings (grottoes, cascades, dams, canyons, mountains and fascinating villages)

Did You Know?

Universidad Regiomontana

Universidad Regiomontana (U-ERRE) was founded on July 8, 1969, with the support of the most important industrial corporations of the city of Monterrey. U-ERRE is a private academic institution with a network of programs with high schools, undergraduate programs, and postgraduate studies. UR is committed towards the continual improvement and excellence of education and it’s students.

U-ERRE is conveniently located in the center of the city and uses a year round quarter system (3 period) and utilizes practical and professional orientation and practicums into its courses’ offerings.

U-ERRE boasts an enrollment of approximately 7000 students, including high school, undergraduate, post-graduate and extension programs. U-ERRE provides an ideal setting for students to learn and integrate into the community, while developing new skills and making valuable contacts and friendships.

The Educational System

Universidad Regiomontana utilizes a tetramester system, with three grading periods a year lasting 4 months each. One tetramester is equal to a semester in other universities. This system gives you easy access to exchange programs at any time of the year, including summer sessions, including the opportunity to complete degrees more rapidly than other academic institutions.

Academic Calendar

Fall Tetramester – Early September to late December

Spring Tetramester – Early January to late April

Summer Tetramester – Early May to late August

Academic Offering







The admission process varies depending on the kind of agreement UR has with your home university: bilateral agreement, ISEP program, and independent student (no relation between the UR and the home institution)

Bilateral agreement

Students must fill out our application form and send it through your academic institution to the UR international’s affairs department. The application form is available at the international office of your university or at the following website:

All tuition costs will be covered by the student at the home institution.

ISEP (International Student Exchange Program)

Students will have to fill out ISEP’s application form and select the Universidad Regiomontana as first option. Their home institution will send this application to ISEP. All tuition costs will be covered by the student at the home institution.

Independent Student

In this case, the student has to fill out our application form available at and send it to UR’s international Affairs Department. Please specify which courses are you interested in since the tuition cost will be determined by the number of courses taken. Please ask for our scholarships for international students. Once you receive our acceptance letter, you will be able to go to and contact your local Mexican consulate to get your student visa processed.



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