The admission process varies depending on the kind of agreement U-ERRE has with your home university:bilateral agreement, ISEP program, andindependent student (no relation between the U-ERRE and the home institution).


Bilateral agreement

  • Students must fill out our application form and send it through your academic institution to the U-ERRE international’s affairs department. All tuition costs will be covered by the student at the home institution.


ISEP (International Student Exchange Program)

  • Students will have to fill out ISEP’s application form and select the Universidad Regiomontana as first option. Their home institution will send this application to ISEP.
  • All tuition costs will be covered by the student at the home institution.


Independent Student

  • In this case, the student has to fill out our application form and send it to U-ERRE’s international Affairs Department. Please specify which courses are you interested in since the tuition cost will be determined by the number of courses taken. Please ask for our scholarships for international students.
  • Once you receive our acceptance letter, you will be able to go to and contact your local Mexican consulate to get your student visa processed.


Services for Exchange Students

Orientation session:

  • U-ERRE provides students with some valuable information and address questions regarding the immigration process, Mexican culture, U-ERRE’s academic system, tourist attractions, and much more.


Welcoming Party:

  • Students will meet the entire staff of the International Affairs office as well as directors of faculties and other U-ERRE students while enjoying delicious traditional dishes and Mexican music.



  • U-ERRE helps you to find a place to live. You can apply for housing with U-ERRE at private residence halls in single or double rooms or with a host family. If you prefer to search on your own, Ur provides basic information and contact addresses.


Spanish Classes:

  • Provides at no cost to the students during the tetramestrer the students will have access to Spanish class at the level that is most appropriate: basic, intermediate, or advanced. These classes include visits to cultural and tourist sites, giving students the chance to fully immerse and explore the Mexican language and culture.
  • If you feel that your Spanish language skills are not good enough for taking a course in Spanish, you can have access to our intensive Spanish lessons one month before the beginning of classes. This course will be paid by the student.


Mexican culture and history classes:

  • This course invites students to an ancient world, getting to know Mexican origins, the famous tribes and the important traits of our history, which is to say, Prehispanic Mexico, the discovery Mexico, the colonial era and the art and culture of the Americas.


Free help and counseling with Migration procedures:

  • Once students arrive they have to report with the Migration office and present several documents to accredit their legal stay in Mexico and to be listed in the National Foreign visitors Registry. The U-ERRE will designate someone to assist students in preparation and present these documents to the Migration Department.



  • If you wish to have a professional experience in Mexico, please send your resume to U-ERRE International office and we will gladly assist you in finding an internship position that’s right for you.